What is Jamboard and its Impact on the Future of Work?

Lastly, with the advent of these new digital technologies, we can perform our tasks more effectively and focus on other urgent matters. If this is your first time hearing about a digital whiteboard, then you might be asking what a jamboard is and how people can benefit from it.

What is Jamboard?

It’s a cloud-based digital whiteboard designed to provide a real whiteboard experience but much better. 

Often associated with collaboration and creativity, this innovative tool powered by G Suite is designed primarily for effective and productive collaborations both physically and remotely.  

Features and Interface

The kind of technology utilized in this collaborative tool will surely blow you away. The hardware version of this innovative tool is available in 55” inch with a 4K ultra high definition display that will draw you in as the images and texts are super sharp.

The low latency touch technology feature of this tool delivers a lag-free interactive experience courtesy of its 60Hz refresh rate and 100Hz touch scan rate.

Aside from its hardware version, the tool is also available as a digital app accessible using mobile and Chromebook devices. 

The jamboard interface allows a maximum of 16 users to connect and access it simultaneously with its built-in multi-touchpoint technology.

This particular feature makes remote and in-person collaboration possible and productive. Team members can always participate in every jam session in real-time through their mobile devices. 

Offers Endless Possibilities at Work

With access to a total of 14 collaborative apps included in G Suite like Gmail, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Meet, Chat, and Google Drive, the possibilities are indeed endless. Also, all these apps can be shared with all team members where they can access during and after jam sessions.

As a presentation tool, Jamboard has an HD wide lens camera for crystal clear video conferencing, a built-in microphone designed to capture sounds from all directions, and speakers to fill the room with a theater-like sound.

Accessories and Connectivity

The digital whiteboard comes with a stylus and an eraser that don’t require charging or batteries to operate. The stylus has a curved sleek white design that is easy to hold, while the eraser has a built-in microfiber cloth that erases everything on the screen.

When it comes to connectivity, the hardware is packed with ports for different external devices. It features 2 USB ports, a USB C and HDMI ports. It also has a Google Cast, which enables devices to stream contents to the screen via a wireless connection.

Impacts of Jamboard on the Future of Work

Jamboard offers endless possibilities in the way we conduct our work and business. With all this digitalization, we can discover new opportunities and provide better alternative solutions to the different obstacles and challenges we come across every day in our work. 

Spa Shop Sydney: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Reputable Dealer

Spa Shop In Sydney

For many first-time swim spa buyers, finding a reputable spa shop Sydney can be a real challenge. With so many options available, sometimes buyers are confused about which shop is reliable and considered top-of-the-line. 

Owning a spa can benefit you both physically and psychologically. It offers good relaxation every time you come home feeling tired and stressed out. However, before you can enjoy all these great benefits of owning a spa, the first step is to search for the right pool and spa warehouse near you. 

Lucky for you, we have listed here some important factors to consider when choosing the best spa dealer in Sydney. 

Industry Experience and Expertise

Choose a company or a dealer with broad experience in selling swim spas.  Leveraging their rich industry experience allows them to improve the quality of their products to meet the demands. 

Also, pick a dealer who is considered an expert in the field and knows what they are doing. A reputable company will always give their customer honest advice based on their personal preferences and requirements.

Pick a Spa Shop Sydney with Good Reputation 

You will never go wrong with a dealer who values their good reputation very much. Before committing to the sale, always conduct thorough research about their background, company profile, and testimonials from their previous and existing clients.

Offers Exceptional Customer Service

A reputable company is not only after sales, but puts their customer’s interest first by listening to their needs, wants, and expectations. They will make sure to assist and guide you starting from selecting the perfect spa to delivery and installation. 

More Options to Choose From

Spas come in different models and features. The right one depends on your needs, purpose, features, and size requirement. You don’t buy a spa just because the salesperson you talk to is very convincing or because of its aesthetic value. That’s why the shop you choose must have a wide selection for you to choose from.

After-Sales and Lifetime Support

Over time, your spa will not always be in perfect condition. You may encounter technical problems and other issues along the way that’s why regular and proper maintenance is needed. Choosing the right pool and spa warehouse that offers lifetime support and sells quality Australian spa parts is highly important for you to enjoy your spa 365 days a year and with less hassle.

Wrapping Up

The process of choosing a reputable spa dealer in Sydney can be both exciting and challenging, but once you find the right shop and spa the experience will be worth it. So, when you finally decide that you deserve to own one, make sure to consider these factors to avoid disappointments and be worth your buck.

Make Money with 3D Printers: Here’s How

The innovation of 3D printers has transformed how lots of people take a look at the globe of production. It has also created numerous new methods of chance for innovative entrepreneurs.

With additive production technology, items could be created with a high level of alteration and complexity while also lessening expenses. Also, there are currently multitool 3D printers that are more flexible – some even call them all-in-one machines. See the different markets that have been transformed by 3D printing and how to earn more money with a 3D printer.

3D Printers: Offering Ways to Earn More Money

Among the simplest ways to produce income with a 3D printer is to offer the printer as a business service or offer products made with it. Businesses and individuals typically desire objects created via 3D printing, and however, they do not have the devices. Furthermore, as a proficient developer, you can make products and also offer them. For both approaches, you could discover robust industry areas that help in promoting your solutions.

You can deliver your 3D printer as a service and then get orders and get paid for the generated items. It is very easy to sign up with and the site has various resources to assist you out. All you need to do is start an account with a valid e-mail address, list some information regarding your printer, and be ready to begin taking orders.

Rapid Prototyping Solutions

Next up, we have quick prototyping, another 3D printing service that stays in high demand amongst professionals and companies that work in style, architecture, engineering, and building.

Thanks to the 3D printing revolution, a scale prototype could be produced. Professionals may utilize it to show their designs, offer a conceptual discussion, or evaluate the viability of an end product.

Self-made Products and Crafts

Another outstanding method to earn money with a 3D printer is to enter the marketplace for homemade products and customized crafts. Some companies have begun to offer products in this area with the use of 3D printing, and it has brought about many success stories.

3D Printing Courses

Organizations and organizations are using 3D printing to reduce the price of training and improve academic procedures. 3D printing can be made use of to broaden the valuable end naturally in subjects like construction, design, layout, and style.

3D printing offers several terrific chances to make money. But, if you are going to buy this chance, it is imperative to consider a multi-tool 3D printer. These latest versions have compatible tool heads that make them multifunctional.

Having 3D printers is among the best ways to earn money. With such technology, the possibilities of earning more seem limitless. In the next years to come, we can definitely expect more from it. Therefore, it is not enough that you only have one, but be sure that you make the most out of this technology and the many benefits it has to offer.

Important Benefits of a Seat Walker

Mobility help is necessary to the value of life for lots of individuals. Without this tool, many individuals will undoubtedly be unable to move openly concerning their residence, much less go anywhere outside their house. For years, the pedestrian has been a go-to mobility help for older people. And also, while these tools are valuable, they’re promptly being substituted by a more advanced variation called the rollator pedestrian.

Below are the essential advantages that a rollator walker supplies over a conventional pedestrian, and also why you ought to consider using this flexibility help.

Seat Walker Benefits


mobility aid

The most noticeable perk of a rollator is that it comes with wheels on the completion of each leg. This implies that you would undoubtedly be able to relocate the pedestrian along even more smoothly, instead of needing to be stable on your own sufficient to lift the walker and also set it ahead of you every couple of steps.

For some people, standing without assistance for that short time and attempting to lift and move an object while doing it can be very difficult. The wheels eliminate the demand for this motion, making it less complicated to utilize, particularly for those with more limited toughness and wheelchair.


Most typical walkers are developed entirely for strolling and do not attend to a significant problem– several individuals who require to utilize a pedestrian likewise required to relax regularly. If you’re using a normal walker, and you find yourself wanting to have a break, you will need to find a place to rest.

A seat walker has an integrated seat in between the pedestrian bars, which makes it very easy for individuals to put on the brakes. After that, they turn around and sit down, precisely on their walker. Having this function readily accessible to you is exceptionally hassle-free, and also, for some individuals, it is essential to their wellness.

Compact Options

The sizes of basic pedestrians do not often vary, and though many are lightweight, they can be large and complicated to steer in tiny rooms. Rollator pedestrians are available in a range of dimensions, weights, sizes, and styles, to ensure that you could find one to fit your demands.

For beginners, there are lightweight versions that are 11 pounds instead of the standard 15 extra pounds of your regular rollator walker. Those few extra pounds can make a significant distinction for somebody with limited mobility and also toughness.

Indoor and Outdoor Models

Your primary walker isn’t made for use on anything, however, a degree surface. Nevertheless, some rollators are made to operate both in your house and also outdoors. The gripping wheels and broader tires make it easier to move along irregular strolling tracks and dirt paths so that you can appreciate a stroll in the park with family members.

Sick of putting tennis spheres on the completions of your pedestrian to keep it from marking up your house’s floorings? The rollator walker is furnished with non-marring tires, so they won’t scuff up the floorings, making them the perfect wheelchair solution for exterior walking and internal mobility.

Non Slip Flooring is a Must in the Workplace

Everybody at some point has been the sufferer of falls brought on by unsafe surfaces, and all of them can be prevented with the non-slip flooring. As its name implies, anti-slip flooring covers the one that lowers the slipperiness of the floors, decreasing the likelihood of crashes triggered by falls.

Advantages of Using Non-Slip Flooring in Your Business

Greater Security

Did you know that drops are the second leading cause of death from mishaps in the world? As info, approximately countless individuals globally die each year as a result of these falls. These numbers reveal that sliding is wonderful safety trouble for our culture, but as any trouble has its solution, non-slip floorings exist to prevent this type of accident.

Decrease In Damage

The existence of dry (flour or dirt) or wet polluting components generates a layer on the surface, preventing the foot from having straight contact with the ground and, consequently, can cause drops.

Non slip flooring minimizes the slipperiness of these contaminants, given that they have substances that enable the human impact to travel through the pollutants. All this makes the effect have direct contact with the ground to prevent drops and slips, making them additionally optimal for health club floor covering.

Reduction of Expenditures for Work Accidents

Slips cause most work environment accidents. Considering that numerous falls annually require clinical treatment worldwide, these injuries at the workplace are a tremendous cost for companies, making them ideal, as I know. Because of this, among the most significant investments, you can make to ensure the safety and security of your workers and your customers is to set up non-slip floors in your business. By doing this, you save money and also inconveniences that can end up in court.



The non-slip floor is practical for any productive market: research laboratories, workshops, kitchen areas, gyms, restaurants, manufacturing facilities. This makes it adaptable to the demands of any market, ensuring the safety of its workers, as well as of all those who transportation over it.

Long Slip Resistance

There are two kinds of non-slip floor covering, slip-resistant and long slip resistance. The last is assured of avoiding and safeguarding drops and slides for as long as the flooring has a helpful life. This warranty enables the mix of its parts (aluminum oxide, zinc-carbon, and also quartz). This reduces the chance of drops as well as slips to one in a million.

Easy to Clean

As if the benefits of non-slip floorings were inadequate, these floors are also very easy to tidy, so you will certainly save a great deal of time in their maintenance. They are also immune to heavy machinery drops, so if you have a company with this sort of equipment and want a secure and strong surface, non-slip flooring is your best choice.

Simple and Quality Setup

The resistance and quality of non-slip floorings are such that you save a lot of time and money since they do not call for continuous repair services, they are set up conveniently, and their upkeep is very quickly. Additionally, its maintenance is low cost. In addition to supplying you with a lifetime warranty, it does not require extensive and complex investments for its preservation. The installation and upkeep of these floors are so basic that it is not necessary to interrupt the tasks in your house, organization, or place where you will position or maintain the surface.

Basic Spa Troubleshooting and Maintenance Tips

Is spa maintenance that hard? Are you looking for spa filters or other Australian spa parts? Keep in mind that frequent hot tub use requires more frequent and comprehensive hot tub maintenance.

The reality is that hot tub maintenance is quite straightforward, and if done correctly, you’ll spend less time maintaining and more time relaxing. You may use this article to familiarize yourself with the basics of hot tub maintenance.


Know that the more water you circulate in a spa, the cleaner it will be. Inorganic and organic pollutants have little time to settle and build up in your spa if the water is continually flowing. Your filters will collect and trap more pollutants with frequent circulation. As a result of this, it is vital to routinely clean and soak your spa filters.

Spa Filter Cleaning

  • Using your hose, wash your hot tub filters.
  • Your filters should be cleaned regularly by spraying them with a professional filter cleaner.
  • Drain and clean your filters using a professional chemical cleaner. The chemical bath is a good time to clean your filters while your hot tub is being completely cleaned.
  • Consider the integrity of your filters. It’s time to change your filters if you find that they’re appearing old or unclean even after rigorous cleaning.
spa filter cleaning


The shell of your hot tub should be scrubbed every week to remove build-up. Every week, give your outdoor hot tub a good clean down to remove organic and inorganic pollutants that accumulate.

A soft sponge should be used to clean your shell, including any grooves, crannied or jetted areas. As a result, your spa will not only be free of build-up but will also be sparkling.

Water Chemistry

A testing kit, test strips, or other professional testing items are needed to determine the water chemistry of your spa.


It’s best to keep your pH range balanced. In addition to damaging your spa, acidic water may also cause damage to your eyes, skin, hair, and nails. Basic water might interfere with the effectiveness of your sanitizer.


Between 125 and 150 parts per million should be your spa alkalinity level. Scaling, scum, and murky water can be caused by high alkalinity levels in the water supply system.

Calcium Hardness

It is recommended that you have a spa calcium level between 100 and 250 parts per million. If your calcium level is too low, it might lead to corrosion of your equipment. Too much calcium can cause your water to cloud up and cause scale to build up in your spa if you have an excessive calcium hardness level.

Enjoy Soaking

Confused about changing spa filters, Australian spa parts, and overall maintenance? No matter if you are a hot tub novice or a hot tub veteran, remember to do a little additional maintenance. Keep your hot tub functioning smoothly and enjoy bathing.

How to Choose the Best iCare Bed Mattress for Back Pain Relief?

When you sleep on the wrong kind of bed mattress, you will eventually regret it because it will, later on, lay the groundwork for you to suffer from lower back pain. Inadequate support provided by a bed mattress (say you own an iCare bed), will promote poor posture during sleep, strain your back muscles, and would not help at all in keeping your spine in its proper alignment. All these, unfortunately, set the stage for elevated back pain and discomfort

When your bed mattress does not conform to your preferences, this means that your sleep comfort will be ultimately compromised during your sleep hours. Having a mattress that can provide adequate back support and comfort at the same time will significantly help alleviate low back pain. It does so by enabling the muscles of the spine to have a full stretch, relax and regenerate during sleep.

With the vast array of bed mattresses available today, finding the most appropriate for your needs often presents a certain level of difficulty. To some people, they will find this a bit overwhelming. 

adjustable bed

In order to help patients suffering from low back pain find the proper bed mattress for both back support and sleep comfort, the following pointers may help. 

  1. If you are using an iCare bed mattress, you should go for something defined by your personal preference. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all mattress style or type that is effective or helpful for everyone with low back problems. Any mattress that relieves someone’s pain and stiffness as they sleep is the ideal mattress for that person. Patients complaining or troubled by their low back pain should select a mattress that can provide their back support and comfort requirements and enable them to sleep well through the night.
  1. Recognize and make enquiries about the mattress’s physical components. A bed mattress’s inner springs and coils are there for a purpose, they give support to the weight of the bed user. Know that the number and placement of coils in different mattresses vary. 

As for the padding that sits above the mattress, it is usually available in a variety of thickness levels. Adjustable bed mattresses are normally 7 to 18 inches deep. Personal OP preferences should be considered while determining the number of coils, kind of padding, and mattress depth.

  1. A properly designed mattress should accommodate the spine’s curvature and alignment. Besides, the right amount of back support will help the patient to avoid morning muscle discomfort. While there is no solid research on bed mattresses as of this writing, there is one relevant study that revealed that adjustable bed mattresses with medium-firmness typically provide better relief from back discomfort than firm mattresses.
  1. Balancing comfort and back support is critical. Consistent back support is just as critical as overall comfort while lying on the adjustable iCare bed mattress. If you sleep on an excessively firm mattress, it runs the risk of paving the way for pressure point pains and aches to occur.
  1. A medium-firm bed mattress may be more pleasant to use because it makes it possible for the bed user’s hips and shoulders to sink in a bit. Patients who require a firmer mattress to support their backs can choose one that comes with a thicker layer of padding. This should help provide added comfort for them. 

Wrapping Up!

It’s a serious business to find the right kind of bed mattress to use. Even when you are not complaining about back issues, or it is not an issue for you at the moment, it may eventually catch up with you sooner or later. When that happens, you would not want to be stuck on a bed mattress that is causing it, right? Therefore, it will work to your advantage to know how to find a mattress for your bed that really serves its purpose – comfortable to sleep on but will not compromise your health in the long run. 

3D Printers: Tips for Better Print Quality

Numerous businesses make use of 3D printing, a type of additive manufacturing, for prototyping and manufacturing components. It is a computer-based procedure that puts down an item layer after layer up until it is total. It uses metal or plastics and starts with a 3D digital model of the last things.

Below are the suggestions that will aid customers to enhance print’s high quality, along with a couple of bonuses for increasing 3D printing speed.

3D Printers: How to Improve Print Quality

1. Adjust the bed and nozzle

The most convenient way to improve 3D print quality is to ensure the bed is leveled and nozzle distance is correctly established. The majority of printers feature a suggested distance in between beds as well as the nozzle. A feeler gauge or an easy notepad can aid in setting this range. As soon as the nozzle is effectively positioned, the indicator or paper ought to slide under the nozzle. No force is required to get it to go below the nozzle. This process should be duplicated a minimum of three times to guarantee that it’s functioning well.

2. Inspect the nozzle’s temperature

The nozzle temperature, and there could be several nozzles, impacts print quality. On high items, heats typically thaw the top layers as well as warp the last things. If you are printing taller things, include a one-centimeter cube on the opposite side of the printer’s developed plate that is the opposite side to remove the hot nozzle from the component. This will let the nozzle cool. If it is too hot, there will be filament strings in between spaced elements. If strings of filament show up between structures, consider utilizing a shield framework or wall surface. These are generally located in slicer programs.

3. Use various building plates

Different build plates produce various structures on the things. Bed products such as PEI, glass, or Kapton tape typically leave a smooth surface. Painter’s tape or polycarbonate sheets leave a matte surface.

If you are utilizing glue or spray externally, use simply enough to cover the plate. Using excessive adhesive or paint warps the object as well as develops dents. These make it challenging to remove the item from the home plate, and also, requiring it off can harm the things and break the home plate.


Mess around and experiment to identify the best method to produce a surface finish that praises things.

4. Pay attention to the printer’s adjustments

3D printers have attributes and methods that improve print quality. And printers ought to be kept to get the most effective print. As an example, the printer’s rails ought to be cleaned and also lubricated. And the gantry ought to be at the same elevation on both sides of your printer using stepper motors. Also, examine to see if there are any vulnerable points in the framework. Tighten all screws as well as make sure the firmware is upgraded based on the maker’s suggestions.

5. Carefully manage the filament

A lot of filaments are hydrophilic and soak up water from the air, which triggers printing issues. Moist filaments expand during extrusion because water ends up being steam and also runs away from the plastic. The filament commonly snaps or stands out as the steam escapes. There can also be smoke.

You can dry out the filament on the spindle in the oven for a couple of hours at reduced temperatures. Some individuals construct a heated container that holds the filament before it is fed right into the printer.

How Do We Intensify the Signal Strength of WiFi Antennas?

internet connectivity

Even if you happen to have the best WiFi router in the world, it is useless if you don’t know exactly how to optimize it. Incorrectly positioned WiFi antennas and routers pave the way for weak WiFi signals and a restricted WiFi range. 

The odds of experiencing flawless Internet connectivity are there only when you have the relevant settings in a place like a WiFi router location adjusted correctly.

WiFi transmissions are qualified electromagnetic waves, similar to your cell phone or radio. Unlike AM waves, which are hundreds of meters long, WiFi signals are only a few millimeters long, with a maximum distance of 150 feet from a source.

3 Classifications Based on Radiation Pattern

  • Omni Directional Antenna
  • Directional Antenna
  • Semi-Directional Antenna

Omnidirectional WiFi Antennas transmit electromagnetic waves in all four cardinal directions equally. The semi-directional type of antenna emits radio waves in a specific configuration, whereas direction type antennas transmit energy entirely in a single direction. Most of the time, you will find them in wireless routers and adapters.

With respect to their placement, this type of antenna can be classified into 2 types.

  • Indoor Type
  • Outdoor Type

It is typical for indoor types to come in small and compact sizes. They are used in conjunction with laptops, low-energy USB-type WiFi adapters, WiFi routers, and mobile phones. Antennas for WiFi connectivity of this type, with a very low gain (usually 2dBi-9dBi), are meant for indoor use. 

Outdoor types are designed for transmission and reception over long distances. They are normally placed on rooftops and are capable of transmitting and receiving radio waves over incredibly great distances. They come with a very high gain and many found on the market today are waterproof since they are intended for use outdoors. 

Antenna Positioning and Placement

wifi placement

The position of the WiFi router’s antenna is vital to the WiFi signal speed and range. There are numerous types of WiFi routers available on the market today. Some come with a single antenna, while others have two, and some others even have eight. 

Therefore, where should you place your WiFi router’s antenna to achieve a quicker WiFi network that will give you, say, good, satisfying coverage?

If your WiFi router comes with 2 WiFi antennas, you need to point one of the antennas horizontally, then let the other be in a vertical position. This will allow us to utilize both horizontal and vertical space in our homes. Another key benefit of angling WiFi antennas in this direction is that they are polarized. It is observed that the maximum signal is received when both types of equipment, receiving devices and transmitters, are identically polarized. 

Polarization varies based on the WiFi antenna. The placement of your antenna will vary depending on the device; some will be horizontal, while others will be vertical. By directing WiFi antennae perpendicularly, we can maintain the same polarization in both devices regardless of where you have them. 

The majority of WiFi routers have two WiFi antennae, and in an ideal world, you would position one vertically and the other horizontally. When the internal antennae of client devices like mobile phones or laptop computers are parallel to the router’s antenna, the transmission and reception of WiFi signals will be faster. 

Thus, by maintaining one vertical antenna and one horizontal antenna, there is a greater possibility of connecting the client antenna with at least one of the router antennas and achieving a parallel match.

How Difficult is It to Keep a 4 Person Spa Clean?

For anyone who considers themselves a fitness enthusiast, one who understands and values the therapeutic benefits of swimming, owning a 4-person spa is a must. If you ask random homeowners today, you’d see that most of them are keenly interested in having their own outdoor spa. 

pool and spa

Other than costs, if there is one thing that is forcing them to hold back their plans to buy one, it would be the cleaning and maintenance aspect. 

These homeowners wanted to know how tough it is to keep a pool spa clean as well as how much maintenance work would be required, say, for instance, if they have a 4-person spa. The truth is, the market for Sydney pools and spas is teeming with a plethora of pool spa models and makes, and naturally, alongside that, they also have their own unique or one-of-a-kind maintenance requirements.

If you are thinking about getting a swim spa anytime soon, do some research first and inquire with the nearest hot tub dealer outlet in your area. Ask about their outdoor spas for sale offerings together with the ongoing cleaning that each one requires to keep them well maintained. 

We have outlined below the things to anticipate if you become a first-time owner of a recreational swim spa, and the best measures you must take to keep them squeaky clean.

Is It Worth Your Money to Buy a Swim Spa?

Swim spa for sale combines the best of both worlds when they provide users with an opportunity to stay active and fit, enjoy a great way to perform aquatic workouts, while also relaxing and unwinding with soothing water jets. 

For most people, a standard pool will never be an option, either due to a lack of available backyard space or because they can’t make up their mind between a traditional swimming pool and a hot tub. It is such a relief to know that outdoor spas can come into the picture as the perfect solution here. 

Maintenance Requirement

A 4-person spa usually requires less maintenance than traditional pools. In terms of size, they are way smaller, thus necessitating less cleaning work and maybe some cleaning agents. 

If you scour the Sydney pool and spa market for the top-of-the-line recreational pools, you will come across a handful of Splashes spa models and makes that come with cutting-edge technology that minimizes disruption as well as the amount of required maintenance (cleaning) work.

A lot of Splashes spa models come with powerful pumps that allow them to filter scores of gallons of water an hour. By this measure, these swim spa owners are assured that their recreational pool water is cleaned and filtered multiple times every day.

traditional swimming pool

As far as cleaning is concerned, this procedure can be automated by the pre-filter unit and high-flow skimmers. The skimmer is responsible for oil and debris removal and is a crucial part of pool spas because it helps keep the pump and heater from being blocked. Collected dirt and debris will be forced into and removed by the pre-filter.

What You Need to Observe


Verify that the appropriate water level is maintained.


  • See to it that the chemical dispenser is well stocked.
  • The skimmer basket should be removed from time to time and cleaned. 
  • Regularly test your pool water’s alkalinity and pH levels. 
  • Gently clean the stainless steel controls.


Don’t put the filter cartridge back right away. Soak it first, preferably in a cleaning solution, then rinse it thoroughly, and allow it to completely air dry. 

The best suggestion we have here is that you try to obtain a second filter. You can use it right away while you are in the process of cleaning up the first filter. This way, you can continue enjoying your outdoor spa. When cleaning your cartridge filter, see to it that you always have rubber gloves on. 

Moreover, make it a point to drain your 4-person spa to at least 50% water level. As for the acrylic shell, clean it once every 3 months. For this, you may use a non-abrasive cleaner. You may use what your hot tub dealer would recommend to you as the best brand for your specific pool spa model and make.