What Difference Does the Use of an Equagel Cushion Make?

The use of cushions can be traced back even before Biblical times. During those days, they were used to protect a sensitive and fragile religious object or relic. The materials used back then for cushioning objects would range from the use of straw, leaves, wool, liquid, wood shavings and air, to name a few. Perhaps, the main distinguishing factor between the cushions of Biblical times to the cushions of our day is the cushioning materials that we use or put inside it. 

Today, cushions still bear the same purpose but this time we have taken their purpose to the next level. The working principle cushion is now being taken advantage of to provide structural support to individuals with infirmities, including the needs of the senile people. 


What is an Equagel Cushion?

Equagel cushion is a good example of a cushion that is built with a purpose, to provide different kinds of physical support to the human body. They come in a unique gel design form to help provide the maximum possible comfort to the user, often done by the even distribution of the body weight when seated. 

The way these products are designed is also helpful in lowering and minimizing the pressure of the body’s weight on the buttocks area which will help in mitigating the possible occurrence of pressure sores. 

This type of cushion for the human body is going to prove to be of invaluable help to people with limited movement when they are seated. If you are prone to pressure ulcers, you are likely to benefit from the use of the Equagel brand cushion, too. 

Equagel human cushions are made with the use of dry-polymer. When you touch these materials, they will give you an almost rubber-like impression of its texture on the skin. This gel assumes the form of a column inside the cushion so that when the user would be sitting on it, these columns would tend to buckle towards the hollow area among the walls providing support and comfort to the user. 

Between the walls of these gel, there are air channels that help promote the circulation of air. This will help in optimizing skin microclimate, alongside the breathable cover. 

Another good thing about this type of human cushion is that they are maintenance-free. You don’t have to bother about setting up anything, and they are also completely flexible and thus can be practically used on slung wheelchair seats.    

So, what makes traditional human cushions traditional? They all work pretty much the same way. If an individual would try to sit on this type of cushion, their entire body weight will go straight down and hit bottom, or reach in as far as what the cushion itself would allow them.They also take on the shape around the user’s posterior, and they will likely go on giving an upward pressure going against the user’s posterior.  

This brand of gel cushion for support to the human body will see to it that the user will conveniently remain seated on its top while at the same time relieving pressure points, this includes the ischial tuberosity.

In other words, anyone who uses Equagel cushion, regardless of body weight or shape he is in, will not likely hit the bottom part of the product.