Non Slip Flooring is a Must in the Workplace

Everybody at some point has been the sufferer of falls brought on by unsafe surfaces, and all of them can be prevented with the non-slip flooring. As its name implies, anti-slip flooring covers the one that lowers the slipperiness of the floors, decreasing the likelihood of crashes triggered by falls.

Advantages of Using Non-Slip Flooring in Your Business

Greater Security

Did you know that drops are the second leading cause of death from mishaps in the world? As info, approximately countless individuals globally die each year as a result of these falls. These numbers reveal that sliding is wonderful safety trouble for our culture, but as any trouble has its solution, non-slip floorings exist to prevent this type of accident.

Decrease In Damage

The existence of dry (flour or dirt) or wet polluting components generates a layer on the surface, preventing the foot from having straight contact with the ground and, consequently, can cause drops.

Non slip flooring minimizes the slipperiness of these contaminants, given that they have substances that enable the human impact to travel through the pollutants. All this makes the effect have direct contact with the ground to prevent drops and slips, making them additionally optimal for health club floor covering.

Reduction of Expenditures for Work Accidents

Slips cause most work environment accidents. Considering that numerous falls annually require clinical treatment worldwide, these injuries at the workplace are a tremendous cost for companies, making them ideal, as I know. Because of this, among the most significant investments, you can make to ensure the safety and security of your workers and your customers is to set up non-slip floors in your business. By doing this, you save money and also inconveniences that can end up in court.



The non-slip floor is practical for any productive market: research laboratories, workshops, kitchen areas, gyms, restaurants, manufacturing facilities. This makes it adaptable to the demands of any market, ensuring the safety of its workers, as well as of all those who transportation over it.

Long Slip Resistance

There are two kinds of non-slip floor covering, slip-resistant and long slip resistance. The last is assured of avoiding and safeguarding drops and slides for as long as the flooring has a helpful life. This warranty enables the mix of its parts (aluminum oxide, zinc-carbon, and also quartz). This reduces the chance of drops as well as slips to one in a million.

Easy to Clean

As if the benefits of non-slip floorings were inadequate, these floors are also very easy to tidy, so you will certainly save a great deal of time in their maintenance. They are also immune to heavy machinery drops, so if you have a company with this sort of equipment and want a secure and strong surface, non-slip flooring is your best choice.

Simple and Quality Setup

The resistance and quality of non-slip floorings are such that you save a lot of time and money since they do not call for continuous repair services, they are set up conveniently, and their upkeep is very quickly. Additionally, its maintenance is low cost. In addition to supplying you with a lifetime warranty, it does not require extensive and complex investments for its preservation. The installation and upkeep of these floors are so basic that it is not necessary to interrupt the tasks in your house, organization, or place where you will position or maintain the surface.