What is Jamboard and its Impact on the Future of Work?

Lastly, with the advent of these new digital technologies, we can perform our tasks more effectively and focus on other urgent matters. If this is your first time hearing about a digital whiteboard, then you might be asking what a jamboard is and how people can benefit from it.

What is Jamboard?

It’s a cloud-based digital whiteboard designed to provide a real whiteboard experience but much better. 

Often associated with collaboration and creativity, this innovative tool powered by G Suite is designed primarily for effective and productive collaborations both physically and remotely.  

Features and Interface

The kind of technology utilized in this collaborative tool will surely blow you away. The hardware version of this innovative tool is available in 55” inch with a 4K ultra high definition display that will draw you in as the images and texts are super sharp.

The low latency touch technology feature of this tool delivers a lag-free interactive experience courtesy of its 60Hz refresh rate and 100Hz touch scan rate.

Aside from its hardware version, the tool is also available as a digital app accessible using mobile and Chromebook devices. 

The jamboard interface allows a maximum of 16 users to connect and access it simultaneously with its built-in multi-touchpoint technology.

This particular feature makes remote and in-person collaboration possible and productive. Team members can always participate in every jam session in real-time through their mobile devices. 

Offers Endless Possibilities at Work

With access to a total of 14 collaborative apps included in G Suite like Gmail, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Meet, Chat, and Google Drive, the possibilities are indeed endless. Also, all these apps can be shared with all team members where they can access during and after jam sessions.

As a presentation tool, Jamboard has an HD wide lens camera for crystal clear video conferencing, a built-in microphone designed to capture sounds from all directions, and speakers to fill the room with a theater-like sound.

Accessories and Connectivity

The digital whiteboard comes with a stylus and an eraser that don’t require charging or batteries to operate. The stylus has a curved sleek white design that is easy to hold, while the eraser has a built-in microfiber cloth that erases everything on the screen.

When it comes to connectivity, the hardware is packed with ports for different external devices. It features 2 USB ports, a USB C and HDMI ports. It also has a Google Cast, which enables devices to stream contents to the screen via a wireless connection.

Impacts of Jamboard on the Future of Work

Jamboard offers endless possibilities in the way we conduct our work and business. With all this digitalization, we can discover new opportunities and provide better alternative solutions to the different obstacles and challenges we come across every day in our work. 

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